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1/2 Hour Ride

Airboat Ride

Airboat Ride

Adults $20 / Child $15

The Perfect Tour for the heat of the day and enjoy the cool ride. We are the only Airboat that actually runs the Marshes. This thrilling trip will have you speechless as we tour the parts of Florida that people rarely witness.

1 Hour Ride

Morning and Afternoon Rides

Morning and Afternoon Rides

Adults $34 / Child $22

Skim & Slide across just inches of water through the marshes. Maybe stop by Crab Beach to dig up fiddler crabs, search for hermit crabs and sea snails. Wading birds Herons, Egrets, even Osprey, and Bald Eagles love the Marshes. Tour the Creeks searching for Dolphins, or alligators sunning on the banks, because these are Wild Animals you never know what you’ll find in the backwaters!
Call to book your seats this is the most popular Tour and we are the only Airboat in the area that actually runs the marshes.

Group rates: $4 off.

“Ultimate” Sunset Night Ride

Sunset Ride

Sunset Ride

Adults $42 / Child $25

Leaves the dock at Sunset and returns after Dark. Your Captain and Crew use their searchlights to spot the “red eyes” of the alligator as this is their time to be on the hunt it is the best time to find them. It’s a whole other world after dark and a experience your not soon to forget.
Call to check departure time and hold your seat this one fills up quick!

Coupons & Specials

Click here to print coupon , good for each adult fare,
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Cancellation Policy

Customer must cancel reservations at least 4 hours prior to time scheduled or will be charged a minimum of $10 per person or full price of tour depending on the circumstances.

Airboat Riding Policy

Children 2 -12 years (under 2 not recommended, child must be capable of sitting up, unassisted as no carriers permitted)

No persons with serious medical issues to be permitted. (ex. back injuries, neck injuries, late term pregnancy, ect )